Gii Daa Namegoon
You Are Welcome

We’re the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and this summer we have the honour of welcoming the world to part of our traditional territory, Toronto. It’s an exciting time to make new friends, share our story and showcase our deep spiritual connection to these lands. Join us in celebrating our timeless traditions. Our songs, ceremonies and food will be on proud display. You are welcome to eat, play and learn with us.

What’s everybody’s favourite part of learning another culture? The food! Experiencing authentic Ojibway cuisine has never been easier thanks to our incredible new food truck. It’s a delicious combination of tradition and trend. Our street teams will be handing out free $5 food truck gift cards all around Toronto. Keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds ready.

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Let’s play! Our traditions and love of sport survived countless generations and it’s time to bring them to life like never before. Everyone is welcome to join in and celebrate the 2015 games here in Toronto.

As the original inhabitants of Toronto, we have an incredible story to tell. Come explore our rich history this summer. The Cultural Village at Fort York is where our fascinating past will come alive. See what life was like in a traditional roundhouse. Learn about our unique spiritual connection to the natural world. See our plans to protect and evolve our culture in the 21st Century.

Tracey Anthony

Tracey’s mother is Mississauga (Ojibway) from the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and his father was Delaware (Lenni Lenape) from the Six Nations reserve in Ontario, Canada. In his artwork, Tracey incorporates Ojibway, Delaware, and Iroquoian influences in conjunction with many mixed media.
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